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Temperature Controlled Services

Temperature Controlled Vehicle

Evans European Transport have a range of Temperature Controlled vehicles to meet your requirements. Whether it is chilled, frozen or heated our vehicles can be set to suit your needs.

Evans European Transport delivers a temperature-controlled transport service that is professional and reliable. On behalf of our customers, we are experienced in distribution to Wholesale and retail outlets around the UK and Europe.

Evans European Transport specialize in the same day collection and delivery of a diverse range of goods including soups, sauces, fish and prepared meals for some of the biggest food producers and supermarkets, either direct to store or distribution centres.

With the heat option, our vehicles are perfect for pharmaceutical shipments whether it is finished products or raw materials requiring critical control of the temperature.

Transcan and Vehicle Interior

All our vehicles are equipped with Seven Telematics Transcan equipment, which is the industry standard temperature recording equipment, to enable delivery or journey prints for temperature verification of your loads.

In addition, all vehicles are fitted with a Samasara telematics System. This also incorporates a live temperature and humidity monitoring system to ensure your consignments are always at the correct temperature.

Enhanced control modules can be set to cover a temperature range from +25c to -25c.

All drivers are trained to follow our standard operating procedures, or to individual customer requirements.

Temperature controlled courier services for Grimsby, Lincolnshire & Nationwide:

  • Transport perishable food items
  • Providing transport for some of the largest food producers & supermarkets in the UK
  • We operate 24hrs a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year
  • Samsara Telematics equipped vehicles for constant and accurate temperature monitoring
  • Chilled, Frozen or heated vehicles
  • Accurate ETA reporting
  • Comprehensive standard operating procedures
  • Professional, reliable & renowned courier service!
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Services we can provide you

  • Same Day Delivery
  • Refrigerated Transport
  • Temperature Controlled Transport
  • Contract Logistics
  • Warehousing

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